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Food items

Andhra Spicy Chicken Kabab

If you are looking for no-frills Andhra fare, with no extensions on the menu to cater to a larger audience, Raman it is. From Guntur Chicken to Kodi Vepudu and Kheema Fry to flavorful Mutton Biriyanis,  sticks to its traditional Andhra roots. The promise of simplicity and great taste, this hard-core authentic Andhra grub place feels

Andhra Ruchulu

Located in Hotel President, this has been a spot that has always experimented with restaurants specializing in South Indian cuisines. While the earlier restaurant in the space focussed on Chettinad, this one puts the spotlight on Andhra, though you will find some representation from the Chettinad region with dishes like the Veeche parotta.

Andhra Samaikya

Here is a restaurant that screams Andhra with its décor and with its great food. The menu brings together the best of Andhra, Rayalseema and Telengana. Sit down to a great Andhra meal surrounded by Pochampally adorned interiors and Kondapalli Bommalu (Kondapalli toys). Try their Mamidikaya Pappu and Karivepaku Rasam. Goddu Karam is an Andhra spice mix of chillis and garlic, with each home having a different recipe. Try Samaikya’s Goddu Karam Chanduva Fry (Pomfret fry). The Venchina Mamsam (Mutton fry) is best paired with a chilled beer from the restaurant’s bar.

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